April 30, 2018

ACOPNE Diplomates: Thank you for your loyal support of the ASCE Diplomate Board Certification programs. As you may already know, ASCE has started an initiative to highlight each one of our Diplomates through an Online Diplomate Directory. We intend for this vital directory to be used by the public and owners when identifying and searching for expert professional engineers to hire.

Before we begin to market this directory, it needs to be populated with our Diplomates’ profile information. There are two steps in this process. The first is for you to select your security settings. The second is updating your profile.

Step 1 - Since this directory is designed for the public and owners, it is imperative you review your security settings before we begin to market this to the public.

Please visit the link below and decide what information you would like to be public and what information you would like to remain private.

The directory default privacy settings will display your name, picture, bio, company, blog, country, and website URL. The link below allows you to opt-out of any of these settings. Please visit this page and decide if you would like to opt-in to sharing additional information or opt-out from the directory completely.

Your options are to share information with: my contacts, members only, public, or only me. You may select what you are comfortable with displaying by adjusting your privacy settings at:


Step 2 - The second step is to make the directory more appealing to the public by providing more information in your profile. You can upload your picture from LinkedIn or upload a picture by hitting the green “actions” button and selecting change picture. Once you have added your profile picture you will see green buttons across your profile where you can manually add a bio, educational experience, associations, honors and awards, and job history.

Please take advantage of filling out these fields so the public can recognize and appreciate your accomplishments. The link to change your profile is below.


Thank you for your cooperation and for your support of this important initiative.

Should you have any questions or issues in setting up for your privacy and profile settings, please contact Ms. Tirza Austin, ASCE Online Communities at [email protected].

We look forward to making this directory available to the public and owners to highlight our accomplished Board Certified Diplomates!