December 20, 2013

President's Message

Since the founding of the Academy, the Trustees of ACOPNE have felt deeply for the need to bring value to the various ACOPNE certifications.  For our profession's leaders to actively seek this certification and to continue to renew it, it must be more than just letters on a business card.  End users of our services must recognize it and value having their projects directed by Diplomates.  Allied professionals must also know about it and see its value, so that they can recommend to their clients that Diplomates be retained on their projects.

To this end, the Board of Trustees is looking to plan a facilitated strategic planning session to identify a course of action for the next three to five years to make this vision a reality.  We hope to be joined by members of the COPRI Board,   and to develop specific initiatives to promote the specialty certification message more actively throughout the greater ASCE organization and have it embraced and endorsed by all Institutes.

Much work now lies before all of us as the Academy coordinates and executes these initiatives.  Our goal is to have a formal plan to present to all ACOPNE Diplomates sometime this next calendar year.  This will provide everyone with a better understanding of what we believe needs to be done to make ACOPNE successful over the long haul.  The plan will also identify where specific help will be needed from those of you who are willing and able to serve the Academy.  In the meantime, please be thinking about whether you would be willing to help us out.  The Trustees will not be able to carry out these initiatives alone; committees will be needed.  The more of you who can be a part of those committees, the more quickly ACOPNE will be become a highly esteemed Academy with much value to bring to all of its Diplomates.

Use Your ACOPNE Designation

To help the Academy grow, both in size and value, we encourage you to use your D.CE, D.OE, D.PE and/or D.NE designation(s) as much as possible. One simple way you can do this is by adding the credential to your email signature. Another way is to add it to your business cards. This will help spread the word about the credential and increase the visibility and in the end, that helps you and all of the Diplomates in the Academy.

What is a Diplomate?

Does the word "diplomate" puzzle you?  All of us know what a "diplomat" is, but many have never heard the word diplomate before and wonder whether ACOPNE made it up or maybe just  can’t spell correctly.  This word, however, was coined in the late 1800's and has come to refer to those professionals who have a "diploma" confirming that they have been board certified as a specialist within their profession.  It has been used extensively for many years by the medical profession to identify board certified physicians.  So, for ACOPNE, a Diplomate is a civil engineer who has been granted board certification for his advanced education and experience in the specialty area of maritime engineering.

"Diplomate Advantage" Brochure

Civil Engineering Certification, Inc. (CEC) has developed a brochure for Diplomates to give to their clients that explains the advantages of hiring a Diplomate of the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers. We sent an email about the brochure (with it attached electronically) to all of you and everyone should have received some copies of the brochure in the mail. If you did not receive your copies in the mail, and would like some, please email Brian Sien.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to our continued success in 2014.  I wish you all Happy Holidays and a successful New Year!


Ron Noble, PE, D.CE, D.PE, D.WRE, F.ASCE
2014 ACOPNE President