Beginning in 2015, ACOPNE will require Diplomates to obtain 2 professional development hours (PDHs) per year in the area of sustainable infrastructure in order to maintain their certification. Up to 2 PDHs can be carried forward to a subsequent renewal cycle. There are a number of ways to obtain these PDHs. We have summarized just a few to help you with your planning.


ACOPNE recognizes the self-study of four articles (below) as the equivalent of one PDH credit (with a limit of 2 PDHs per year). Also, one may earn PDHs for renewal in the Academy by reading Please keep documentation of all self-study work.

Assessment of Sustainability Aspects in a Company

Building with Nature in Search of Resilient Storm Surge

Comparing Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Land Use

From Frontier Economics to an Ecological Economics

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure Worldwide

Sustainable Development of Maritime Operations in Ports

Other Seminars and Webinars

Many organizations, including universities, offer live seminars or webinars that teach principles of sustainability. ACOPNE will recognize training in general sustainability principles and courses that focus on the planning, design, and operation of infrastructure, but not courses focused on corporate operations and building design.

Organizations that may offer acceptable courses include:

  • The Sustainability Learning Center
  • Center for Sustainable Engineering
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison Office of Sustainability
  • Harvard Extension School
  • The International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Sustainability Sessions at Conferences

The ASCE Annual Conference, other COPRI Institute conferences and specialty conferences, and various technical engineering conferences often have sessions focused on infrastructure sustainability.

ASCE Live and Archived Webinars

Several on-demand web courses are available which can be used to meet this requirement, specifically:

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Webinars